We sent our survey to all parties that had at least one seat in the Legislature. That includes the Alberta NDP, United Conservative Party, Alberta Party, Freedom Conservative Policy and the Alberta Liberals.

Only the NDP and UCP parties responded. Their answers can be found below:

The CHA has sent a survey with the following questions to political parties in advance of the Provincial General Election on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Their responses will be posted as they are received. Please feel free to use these questions in support of heritage advocacy efforts in advance of the election.

  1. Does your party support a review of the Historic Resources Act?

  2. Does your party support giving municipalities the same powers as the Province when it comes to designating heritage properties?

  3. Does your party support increased funding to the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation? Along with a more refined funding stream for municipalities?

  4. Will your party commit to restoring the Alberta Main Street Program?

  5. Will your party establish a Provincial tax credit / grant program to support conservation efforts?

Other items of interest: